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Nine West - Onlee3 (Off-White/Black Synthetic 2) Women's Shoes

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You want to buy Nine West - Onlee3 (Off-White/Black Synthetic 2) Women's Shoes. Get Cheap Nine West - Onlee3 (Off-White/Black Synthetic 2) Women's Shoes at best online store now!
Perfect your style with the impeccable Nine West Onlee flats. ; Available in a variety of man-made uppers. ; Easy slip-on wear. ; Pointed toe. ; Man-made lining. ; Lightly-padded footbed. ; Synthetic outsole. ; Imported. ; Flat heel. Measurements: ; Heel Height: 1 2 in ; Weight: 7 oz ; Product measurements were taken using size 9, width M. Please note that measurement...
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